We use open banking to build  new customer and merchant relationships

Solution is based on an innovative data processing possibilities opened by the European Commission’s Payment Services Directive for open banking. The innovative loyalty solution is only the first of our service. We will deliver more soon.


Our values


Seeing customer dissatisfaction with the large number of loyalty cards and applications, we have created a solution that makes loyalty cards and applications unnecessary in the future – while helping to protect nature!


The INFIR loyalty system is not a product that requires equipment, integration, loyalty cards or applications, but a service available to any company that accepts cards at its points of sale.


Our solution will make customers happier, more satisfied, because they will no longer have to carry countless loyalty cards, in case of which the customer faces unpleasant emotions, unable to gain the benefits of a loyal customer.

INFIR team

Saulītis Saulītis

Viktors Saulītis
Author of the solution

With more than 10 years of experience in the banking sector, taking care not only of customer service, but also of developing new products and solutions

Andis Zariņš

Andis Zariņš
Compliance and Security manager

With more than 20 years of experience in the banking sector, developing banking products and ensuring their compliance with general regulations and requirements

Arturs Piliksers

Artūrs Piliksers
Sales Manager

With long-term experience in business management and sales, building business relationships

Viktorija Prokopenko

Viktorija Prokopenko
Design and marketing

With experience in several companies in the financial technology sector, participating in the visual development of payment solution products.

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+371 29 190 333 

Our geographical coverage

Currently, our services are available to customers in Latvia, but nothing prevents us from cooperating with Lithuanian and Estonian customers or going further in Europe. Our capabilities and development are driven by the concept of open banking data, which is changing the way we provide services around the world.