Loyalty solution at no extra costs!

No more equipment, integration, loyalty cards, applications or delays at the time of purchase to register a loyal buyers purchases.


How does it work

The principle of an open banking platform

  • Buyers make purchases with a payment card or smart devices
  • Buyers let us know about these purchases and collect purchase data
  • Purchase information is selected, enriched and aggregated
  • The merchant receives statistics on purchases at their points of sale

Get to know your buyers

See your loyal buyars 

  • Loyal customer segmentation
  • Identifies the most valuable customers
  • Recognize purchases in your online and physical store
  • Send personalized messages or offers to buyers

Data visualization

Statistics in different sections

  • Quick overview on one screen
  • Independent data flow on purchases in specific stores
  • Dynamics of the number of loyal customers, purchases and turnover
  • Store overview and comparative view for each store
  • Convenient filtering and search capabilities
  • Ability to monitor individual stores or shopping centers

Easy management

Flexible parametrization

  • Easy definition and administration of reward points
  • Enterprise user management
  • Determine the types of prizes and gift cards, etc.
  • Send personalized messages or offers to buyers

Thank your buyers

Rewards the customers

  • Create a simple electronic coupon
  • Choose to refund the customer in cash by bank transfer
  • Flexible conditions for reward points calculation and prize offers

Why choose INFIR? Unified and simple.

  • The company does not need to purchase equipment and integrate it
  • It is not necessary to appoint a person at the point of sale to administer the loyalty solution
  • The online and physicals stores coverage
  • The queue is not delayed as the purchases are registered by paying with payment card or smart device
  • Purchase data is might be available on the period before the buyers joined the loyalty program
  • Secure additional authorization with eParaksts mobile
  • Don’t spend money on useless plastics and specific devices
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